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Science Fiction

Off Armageddon Reef - David Weber

Cover of 'Off Armageddon Reef' by David Weber

Mankind is defeated by a hostile alien race; the survivors flee to distant stars, and hide. They must wait centuries for the aliens to give up the search, knowing that technology could give away their presence. So, a terrible plan is enacted: millions of colonists are brainwashed, forgetting about the Terran Federation and its technological marvels, made to believe that they are newly created humans, crafted by the divine will of God. Those who oppose this plan are killed, and now all mankind believes that Safehold is the home of man, and that God and his Archangels gave them life and knowledge at the dawn of Creation.

800 years later, Nimue Alban wakes up, her memories copied into a sophisticated android. She is the only being who remembers the Terran Federation, and understands the depth of the crime that was committed against mankind. It is her task to overturn the Church of God Awaiting, to awaken humanity to its potential once again...and do so before the Gbaba have time to find them again. She won't be able to do it alone, however, and sets out to find allies in her struggle. It is not enough that her foes be vanquished; men must learn to once again question the world around them, and build an advanced civilization all over again.

Thus begins the sprawling Safehold epic, full of naval battles, political intrigue, and religious fervor, all in a setting that feels like the Earth around the 18th century, but with enough differences to show what a truly alien world it is. Nimue Alban, posing as Merlin Athrawes, a holy warrior of strange skills, latches on to the forward thinking Kingdom of Charis, and begins to introduce technology that is superior to anything else in the world, yet still within the bounds of what is allowed by religious law. Yet all the technology, all the knowledge, that Nimue can call upon, may not be enough in the face of an entire world, united under the banner of a corrupt, ever present Church. The battles she will fight, and the allies she will make, will lead humanity out of the artificially crafted dark ages that is all it knows, and back out into the stars. If they fail, humanity will never again grow beyond the bounds of a single planet.

Recommended by - Don Priest, Library Director

Graphic Novel

Little Moments of Love, A Catana Comics Collection - Catana

Cover for 'Little Moments of Love - a Catana Comics Collection' by Catana

This adorable comic book follows the artist, Catana, and her boyfriend John in their little moments of everyday love. You also get to see the artist’s style change from when she first started drawing them to its more polished look now. As the art style evolves, so does their relationship and their weirdness. For instance, when kissing just doesn’t cut it, try biting your partner’s arm instead. And when all else fails, rolling your significant other in a blanket and making them a burrito is a fantastic course of action. A perfect book for couples to browse through and see which behaviors resonate with their relationship and also just a darling, feel-good book in general.

Recommended by - Barbara Keresztury, Adult Librarian


World War Z - Max Brooks

Cover of 'World War Z' by Max Brooks

“It goes by many names: ‘The Crisis,’ ‘The Dark Years,’ ‘The Walking Plague,’ as well as newer and more ‘hip’ titles such as ‘World War Z’ or ‘Z War One.’ I personally dislike this last moniker as it implies an inevitable ‘Z War Two.”

Have you ever considered the fact that there are viruses out in the world that are rather similar to those found in the zombie genre? The only difference is that these viruses have not been reported to infect human beings. But what if they did? What if the dead eventually began to rise and consume the living? Max Brooks, author of the The Zombie Survival Guide, answers these questions within his bestselling novel, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.

Presented as a collection of individual accounts, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War tells the story of humanity’s race for survival against the undead horde. Shifting between the political and personal sides of this fictional catastrophe, the book sets up events and addresses them as if they were actual major points in history. For example, an incident known within the book as the Battle for Yonkers shows the American government’s final stand in New York City. But, with a mixture of unpreparedness, fear, and ignorance, the Battle for Yonkers ended up becoming a blood bath, resulting in New York City becoming completely overun. As explained in the book by one of the surviving soldiers from Yonkers, “You think that after being ‘trained’ to aim for the center mass your whole military career you can suddenly make an expert headshot every time?”

Becoming the master of zombie survival taticality, Max Brooks has cooked up a wonderfully terrifying and thought provoking novel, resulting in a 2013 film adaptation starring Brad Pitt, and an abundance of other great zombie reads.

Recommended by - Austin, Staff member

Children's Fantasy

The Book of Three - Lloyd Alexander

Cover for 'The Book of Three' by Lloyd Alexander

Taran is desperate for adventure, something in short supply for a lowly assistant pig-keeper. When the famous oracular pig Hen Wen vanishes, Taran begins a perilous quest which demands all his courage and strength. Accompanied by his larger-than-life band of followers including hot-headed Eilonwy and the disgruntled dwarf Doli, Taran confronts the evil forces of the Horned King, the witch Achren, and their army of lifeless cauldron-born warriors.

The first in a classic series for children, those who love the early Harry Potter books, Artemis Fowl, or Percy Jackson may find a new friend in this epic story based on Welsh legends.

Recommended by - Mike DiMuzio, Youth Librarian

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