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A new resource has been made available statewide for all residents. It is described as "A statewide public television partnership offering instructional content to support the education of students and to provide alternative resources for families and teachers."

You can find out more by visiting their website:

Library Closure - Monday November 16th, 2020

Beginning Monday, November 16th, the Southgate Veterans Memorial Library will be closed to the public. Library staff will still be working, and providing limited services. Several changes are taking place, please see them below. We do not currently have an estimate for when access to the library will be made available again; like everyone, we are monitoring the pandemic, and will make the best decision we can for the safety of staff and patrons alike.

  1. Hours of operation are currently Monday – Friday, 10am – 9pm
  2. Curbside pickup of items is available. You can place hold requests yourself, or ask staff to do it for you. If there is something we have on the shelves you would like to come get, we can pull it for you. When you are ready to pick up your items, call the library. We will have a number of lockers outside the front doors; we’ll checkout your items, place them in a locker, and give you the number and temporary code for the lock. Unlock the locker, take your items, and place the lock in the dropbox. Please make your pickup no more than 1 hour after requesting it, so we can use the locker for another patron
  3. We will also provide copying and faxing services. Call to schedule this service; ideally, if you can call from a cell phone in the parking lot, we can come right out to get started. Staff will take your items, perform the requested service, and return them. Please stand clear of the doors and lockers while waiting. If you have a cell phone, we can take your number, and you can wait in your car until we call you to come back up.
  4. Similar to copying and faxing, we can also scan documents for you. You must provide your own flash drive for this service.
  5. Public computers are not available at this time.
  6. All public meetings are cancelled.
  7. Electronic resources remain available through Download Destination/Libby, Hoopla, and RBDigital. Information on these can be found here.
  8. New and updated cards can be requested through email, information on this is available below. New cards are required to access some of our electronic resources, they begin with 29014, while old cards will usually begin with 29082.
  9. The dropbox is available 24/7. We will continue to quarantine all returns for at least 4 days before processing them. If you receive a notice that something is overdue or lost, but you know you returned it, this is why. All returns are backdated, no additional fines or fees will accrue because of this delay.

An interior shot of the library, showing off the new carpet, which is predominantly dark brown with color highlights in orange, green, yellow, and red

Sign up for a library card remotely

We are now offering the opportunity to sign up for a library card remotely! Any Southgate resident who does not have a card, or who needs to update an old card, can send us their information, and we will reply with everything you need to gain access to our digital collection. If you already have a card beginning with 29014, you should be set; this is for new cards and updates only.

To get a new or updated card number, send the following information to the Director, Don Priest, through email, with the subject heading "New Library Card".

Email address:

Once we are able to, we will enter your information into the system, and send you your card number and PIN. It may take a day or two, as staff is only in the building for a few hours a week. This card number will be good for 3 months. To extend its lifespan, and to retrieve the physical card, you will need to come in when we are open again, and provide proof of identity and address (drivers license is ideal). We'll fill in the rest of the details of your account, and you'll be set for the standard 3 years.

To find our digital offerings, go to

Stay home, and stay safe!

Introducing: Auto-Renewals!

Starting October 1, 2020, materials checked out on your card will automatically renew before their due date, as long as they can be renewed.

Items will auto-renew if:

Frequently Asked Questions

When do auto-renewals occur?

Auto-renewals will occur 3 days before an item's due date. You will still receive the full additional loan period, as the renewal period is added at the end of the original loan. For example, if you borrow a movie for 1 week, and it is renewed, you will get to keep it for 2 full weeks in total.

What if an item doesn't auto-renew?

If an item cannot be renewed, you will receive a due date reminder by your chosen notification method (email, text or phone). Please return items by the due date so that other library patrons can enjoy them, and to avoid late fees (while Southgate does not charge overdue fees for its items, other libraries do.)

Questions? Call us at 734-258-3002


"Take and Make" craft kits available

Beginning immediately, small kits are available for families to take home and keep that contain most of what you need to make one of the small crafts that would normally feature after our story times, or as standalone events. Simply ask for one to be put in a locker (along with any holds you may be picking up) or ask for one to be brought to you at the front door.

The first set of kits, available this week, are for our rubber band helicopter project, suitable for all ages though kids under 8 might need more help. The completed project can really fly!

Library Mike's hand holding an example of the rubber band helicopter, a helicopter shape cut from white cardstock with a popsicle stick, rubber band, paperclip, and special plastic rotor.

First Annual Adult Winter Reading Program

A holidaytastic photo of a candle with pine cones, cloves, and oranges in various states of being peeled that reads 'Our Adult Winter Reading Program is Here!' in bright green text.

Today marks the start of our very first Adult Winter Reading Program! Our theme this year is ‘hygge,’ a defining characteristic of Danish culture that’s all about being cozy, comfortable, and content. Pronounced hue-guh, we hope this theme gives you an excuse to treat and pamper yourself with mellow, charming moments! Sign up is super easy; just ask for one of our reading logs anytime Monday - Friday from 10 am - 9 pm. Each reading log comes with a cute bookmark that gives hygge reading suggestions, and a fantastic coupon book supplied by Biggby, our partners in this event. Our reading log is bingo style, and as soon as you finish one bingo you can pick out a book out of our prize pile. Your prize can be picked up when we’re open to the public again, but in the meantime you can try to fill out a couple more bingos as a fun excuse to spoil yourself this season. We hope you’ll have a lovely, snug, book-filled winter!

Phone: 734-258-3002 - Address: 14680 Dix-Toledo Rd. Southgate, MI 48195