Southgate Veterans Memorial Library


Southgate Veterans Memorial Library Current rules & restrictions

  1. Library occupancy is limited to 30 people; this includes library staff. For this reason, visits to the library will have a 1 hour time limit per day. If the library is full, we will let people in when space is available.
  2. Please make an effort to maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and others at all times.
  3. Due to the time limit on library use, computer access is similarly reduced to 1 hour per day. Please plan your computer use ahead of time, making sure you have passwords, documents, flash drives, etc., all prepared and ready to use. The number of accessible computers has been reduced, to better facilitate social distancing.
  4. Masks, covering both the nose and mouth, are required for entry into the library, and during the entire time you are inside the building.
  5. Meetings are allowed, with a limit of 18 attendees per room. We ask that all meeting attendees immediately go to their meeting room, to allow staff to keep track of library occupancy
  6. Returns will be quarantined for a minimum of 4 days before being processed. Fines and/or fees may be applied to your account due to this delay; do not pay these fines/fees. When the quarantine has ended, staff will backdate the returns to when they were received.
  7. Staff will be disinfecting areas of high contact at set intervals throughout the day, to try and reduce the likelihood of contamination. Cleaning staff will be performing more thorough cleaning and disinfecting daily.
  8. Curbside service will be available for picking up hold requests. Once you have received notification that your hold is available, come to the library during when we are open. Once here, call us from your vehicle, we will take your info, and bring out your holds.
  9. Please do not come to the library if you feel unwell. Patrons exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, such as shortness of breath, coughing, fever, etc., will be asked to leave.

If we all work together, we can beat this pandemic, and keep the library open. It’s up to all of us to do the best we can, for ourselves and for each other. We hope to provide the best service possible while staying safe! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

A Job Well Done!

A huge thank you to the folks at Jabro Carpet One, here in Southgate, who installed the new carpet, as well as to Quality Painting Systems, in Ypsilanti, who handled the painting. A lot of long hours and hard work went into these jobs, and the results are fantastic! We couldn't be happier, and appreciate the effort and expertise they brought in!

An interior shot of the library, showing off the new carpet, which is predominantly dark brown with color highlights in orange, green, yellow, and red

Sign up for a library card remotely

We are now offering the opportunity to sign up for a library card remotely! Any Southgate resident who does not have a card, or who needs to update an old card, can send us their information, and we will reply with everything you need to gain access to our digital collection. If you already have a card beginning with 29014, you should be set; this is for new cards and updates only.

To get a new or updated card number, send the following information to the Director, Don Priest, through email, with the subject heading "New Library Card".

Email address:

Once we are able to, we will enter your information into the system, and send you your card number and PIN. It may take a day or two, as staff is only in the building for a few hours a week. This card number will be good for 3 months. To extend its lifespan, and to retrieve the physical card, you will need to come in when we are open again, and provide proof of identity and address (drivers license is ideal). We'll fill in the rest of the details of your account, and you'll be set for the standard 3 years.

To find our digital offerings, go to

Stay home, and stay safe!


Southgate Veterans Memorial Library Commission Meeting

Wednesday, October 14th, 4:30pm

Link to Zoom meeting

Passcode: 300779

Halloween Virtual Event

An array of cute, multicolored monsters with trick-or-treat bags

Detroit Mad Science presents: "A Fa-BOO-lous Halloween!", a Virtual Halloween Event, for our patrons on Saturday, October 31st, at 11AM! The whole family will enjoy the spook-tacular experiements they perform. Space is limited, so register today!

Register for the event here

The show will last approximately 35-40 minutes followed immediately by approximately 10 minutes of Q&A with the Mad Scientist!

In order to have the best experience, please make sure you read the following information:

  1. Registration is required to attend the Virtual Special Event! Click on the Zoom link here or above to register. The event is limited to the first 100 registered patrons, so sign up today!
  2. All Participants will be placed in the Virtual Waiting Room until granted access to the meeting by the Mad Science Moderator. The Virtual Waiting Room will open 15 minutes prior to the scheduled event.
  3. All Participants will be automatically muted upon entry and for the duration of the show. If you have a question or comment during the Q&A portion of the show, please raise your hand. The Mad Science Moderator will unmute you so that the Mad Science Presenter can hear you. (Please be sure your microphone is unmuted as well before speaking). After you have asked your question the Mad Science Moderator will mute you.
  4. Please do not share or publicly post the Meeting Link
  5. Recording of Mad Science Events is strictly prohibited. By attending the Mad Science Virtual Event, you agree not to record or digitize any part(s) of the Virtual Special Event.

Introducing: Auto-Renewals!

Starting October 1, 2020, materials checked out on your card will automatically renew before their due date, as long as they can be renewed.

Items will auto-renew if:

Frequently Asked Questions

When do auto-renewals occur?

Auto-renewals will occur 3 days before an item's due date. You will still receive the full additional loan period, as the renewal period is added at the end of the original loan. For example, if you borrow a movie for 1 week, and it is renewed, you will get to keep it for 2 full weeks in total.

What if an item doesn't auto-renew?

If an item cannot be renewed, you will receive a due date reminder by your chosen notification method (email, text or phone). Please return items by the due date so that other library patrons can enjoy them, and to avoid late fees (while Southgate does not charge overdue fees for its items, other libraries do.)

Questions? Call us at 734-258-3002

Phone: 734-258-3002 - Address: 14680 Dix-Toledo Rd. Southgate, MI 48195

Hours - Mon-Thurs: 10am-9PM - Sat: 10am-5pm