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NEW! Southgate Library Mobile Hotspots!

Now available at the Southgate Veterans Memorial Library, mobile WiFi hotspots! Borrow a hotspot, and connect up to 8 devices to a high speed connection, with unlimited data. Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, any WiFi capable device! Use it at home, or on the go!

Hotspots can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks at a time. For more information, please ask at the front desk!

A top down photograph of a T-mobile hotspot with the T-mobile logo in pink on grey plastic An interior shot of the library, showing off the new carpet, which is predominantly dark brown with color highlights in orange, green, yellow, and red

Sign up for a library card remotely

We are now offering the opportunity to sign up for a library card remotely! Any Southgate resident who does not have a card, or who needs to update an old card, can send us their information, and we will reply with everything you need to gain access to our digital collection. If you already have a card beginning with 29014, you should be set; this is for new cards and updates only.

To get a new or updated card number, send the following information to the Director, Don Priest, through email, with the subject heading "New Library Card".

Email address:

Once we are able to, we will enter your information into the system, and send you your card number and PIN. It may take a day or two, as staff is only in the building for a few hours a week. This card number will be good for 3 months. To extend its lifespan, and to retrieve the physical card, you will need to come in when we are open again, and provide proof of identity and address (drivers license is ideal). We'll fill in the rest of the details of your account, and you'll be set for the standard 3 years.

To find our digital offerings, go to

Stay home, and stay safe!

Teen D&D - ONLINE!

A druid fighting a fire giant

Help us revive our Teen D&D club in a new, online form! Veterans and newcomers alike are welcome to pick up some (virtual) dice and a character sheet and adventure with us! We'll be using the 5th edition rules, and can provide access to all needed rules and more through D&D Beyond. We will be using a Library run Discord server to run the game. Voice chat is preferred when possible, video is optional.

The first meeting is Saturday, September 18th, 10am - 1:30PM on our discord server. Ages 12-18 only, space is limited, be sure to register ASAP! Call us (734-258-3002), email the librarian in charge ( or contact him on Discord (username: Imma Librarian#5496) with your name, age, and contact information to get signed up.

Staff Picks


Updated Online Library Catalog

On Tuesday, September 7th, the library catalog will be updated. While much will remain the same, there will be a big difference in what you see when searching. Our hope is that this will be a more useful, intuitive way to find what you’re looking for.

Here is an example of what you will see. A search for the author Wanda Brunstetter will include this title, A Sister’s Hope. Where before you would see one result for the book, another for large print, and yet another for the audiobook on CD, what you will be presented with now looks like this:

Cover of 'A Sister's Hope' by Wanda E. Brunstetter, featuring a woman in a quaker style black dress and white bonnet, with adjacent text that reads: 'A sister's hope, by Brunstetter, Wanda E., Series: Sisters of Holmes County book 3' with 3 HTML buttons that read 'Book', 'Book on CD', and 'Large Print' respectively.

Click on the title, or on any of the buttons (Book, Book on CD, or Large Print), to see something like this:

An image of 3 HTML buttons that read 'Book', 'Book on CD', and 'Large Print' respectively, with the 'Book' button highlighted. Beneath is a small thumbnail image of the cover for 'A Sister's Hope' by Wanda E. Brunstetter, featuring a woman in a quaker style black dress and white bonnet and the year 2008 superimposed on the bottom border, with adjacet text that reads 'A sister's hope', by Brunstetter, Wanda E'. A green oval with white text that readss '1 Available' is directly beneath the cover image, with normal black on white text that reads 'at Southgate Veterans Memorial Library' beneath, then an html link that reads 'Check Other Locations' beneath that, and finally three HTML buttons: one orange with white text that reads 'Place Hold', One off-white with blue text that reads 'Add To List', and one blue with white text that reads 'share' at the bottom. Everything other than the first three buttons are surrounded by a light blue border.

This shows that 1 copy of the book is available at the Southgate Veterans Memorial Library, and that this is the 2008 release of the title. From here, you can click on the title again to see where this book is in the library, you could place a hold, or see what other libraries own this book. If, however, what you actually wanted was the Book on CD, simply click on that button, and…

An image of 3 HTML buttons that read 'Book', 'Book on CD', and 'Large Print' respectively above a light blue box which contains a white box which contains the following: An image of the case of the Book on CD version of 'A Sister's Hope' by Wanda E. Brunstetter, featuring a translucent image of a woman in a puritan style white bonnet on an orange background, with the year 2010 superimposed on the bottom border, adjacent to which is blue text that reads 'A sister's hope', by Brunstetter, Wanda E.' followed by bold black text that reads 'Sound Recording (CD)'. Beneath the image of the cd case is a green oval with white text that reads '1 Available' followed by black text that reads 'at Southgate Veterans Memorial Library', followed by blue text that reads 'Check Other Locations', and finally the image of 3 HTML buttons: one orange with white text that reads 'Place Hold', one off white with blue text that reads 'Add to List', and one blue with white text that reads 'Share'.

Now you can see that the Southgate Veterans Memorial Library also has an available copy of the Book on CD. Click on the title, and you will see the location of the item, like this:

An image of a table with two rows and three columns. The first row has black text with a light grey background, the cells from left to right read 'Collection', 'Shelf Location', and 'Status' respectively. The first two cells of the second row have black text on a white background that read 'Audiobook' and 'BOOK ON CD BRUNSTETTER' respectively, while the third has green text on white background that reads 'Available'. This indicates that the item is part of the Audiobook Collection, locatable on the shelf by the tag that reads 'BOOK ON CD BRUNSTETTER' and that it is available.

These umbrella records, with every release and format for a title all gathered together, should make finding what you want a snap! As always, if you’re having trouble, please, give us a call, or come on in, we’re happy to help!

Checkers Library TV comes to Southgate!

The Checkers Library TV logo, which simply reads 'Checkers Library TV' in blue, red, and purple letters in front of cartoon gears

We are very pleased to announce that the excellent Checkers TV programs will be available through our library system for the forseeable future! Long time veterans of live performances for schools and libraries, Checkers recognized that kids and families have come to rely on high-quality streaming video content. While Zoom meeting style online programming has fallen out of favor, on-demand streaming video has never been more popular. While there is no end of purely entertaining content for all ages, Checkers TV adds a high-quality, educational option for kids that promotes reading and encourages curiosity.

For more information, see our Checkers Library TV page

"Take and Make" craft kits still available

Small kits are available for families to take home and keep that contain most of what you need to make one of the small crafts that would normally feature after our story times, or as standalone events. These can be picked up from a table in our lobby, or if you prefer you can call us to arrange to have one or more put in a locker for you. These kits have proven to be very popular, and all are available only while supplies last, so don't wait on these!

With the summer wrapping up, but no solid idea when in-person programming might resume yet, we plan on keeping the kits coming, but we're going to be revisiting some of the favorites introduced this year. If there's a previously featured kit you'd like to get a second shot at, let us know!

A folding paper fan made from craft sticks and paper, colored with crayon in blue, red, orange, and yellow.

Phone: 734-258-3002 - Address: 14680 Dix-Toledo Rd. Southgate, MI 48195