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Science Fiction

Strange Practice - Vivian Shaw

Cover of Strange Practice, by Vivian Shaw

Greta Helsing is an incredibly skilled doctor, having lived her entire life wanting nothing more than to take over the family business. She is driven to help those on the fringes of society, the ones who live in the dark and hidden places, shunned by most, suffering from rare ailments no other doctor is truly equipped to handle. Yes, the vampires, mummies, werewolves, banshees, and other supernatural denizens of London know the name Helsing well.

Unfortunately for her, few humans are as understanding of her patients. When a band of crusaders appear, full of holy purpose, Greta Helsing begins to look very much like a threat herself, in league with the dark forces that prey on mankind. And there is something lurking below the city, a burning evil that may spell doom for millions. Against such threats, not even a powerful vampire and an ancient, mysterious guardian may be enough to keep Greta from harm.

Recommended by - Don Priest, Library Director


Final Girls - Riley Sager

Cover of 'Final Girls' by Riley Sager

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street… There’s always a killer, always a tragedy, and always one left behind to carry the burden. The Final Girl. We gain a sense of satisfaction when our heroine finishes off the seemingly immortal slasher but what happens to our leading lady after the bloodshed is cleaned away?

Quincy Carpenter is the youngest of three Final Girls, each survivors of their own horror movie-scale massacres. She ran, bloody and panicked, through the woods surrounding Pine Cottage after a birthday weekend ended in tragedy and now, ten years later, Quincy is doing well. More or less. With a Xanax prescription, repressed memories, her baking blog, and the support of her engaged-to-be-engaged boyfriend as well as the police officer who saved her life all those years ago, Quincy is able to get through her daily life without much fuss or struggle.

That is until Lisa, one of the Final Girls, is found dead and the other, Sam, turns up on Quincy's doorstep after dropping off the grid years ago. Thrown in this sudden direct-to-video sequel, Quincy must figure out who is hunting down Final Girls and why Sam is so intent on making her relive her forgotten past at Pine Cottage.

In his very first thriller, Final Girls, Riley Sager has written a refreshing original take on the beloved Final Girl trope and given us something truly heart-racing to enjoy. Just when you think you've got it figured out, the story pivots and keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end.

Recommended by - Ren, Staff member

Graphic Novel

The wicked + the divine. Vol. 1, The Faust act - Kiero Gillen

Cover for 'The Ancient Magus Bride' by Kore Yamazaki

Every ninety years a divine Pantheon is formed. This means twelve humans from around the world get the supreme honor of becoming a host for a god to incarnate into. The gods are varied, from Shinto to Sumerian, and are able to perform “miracles” depending on their individual domains. Overnight, these newborn deities get elevated to popstar status.

They are adored fiercely by their followers, and hated just as equally by their opponents. Some hold concerts and give interviews while others shut themselves off from the world. As diverse as the gods and host humans are, one thing remains for certain. All of the members of the Pantheon will die within two years of being incarnated. . .

Recommended by - Barbara Keresztury, Adult Librarian

Youth Fiction

Deadweather and Sunrise - Geoff Rodkey

Cover for 'Deadweather and Sunrise' by Geoff Rodkey

Screenwriter Geoff Rodkey starts the Chronicles of Egg series off with a bang in this book, incorporating many elements of classic pirate tales and high-seas adventures in a way that feels fresh and accessible. Egg is raised on the island of Deadweather, a forsaken speck of land where the lowliest outcasts cling to a semblance of civilization. People don’t generally go to Deadweather, they wind up there after years of very hard luck. Egg only rarely gets a chance to leave, and never truly expects to live anywhere else, but one day a series of unexpected events seems to change his fortunes for the better. A wealthy family on the prosperous island of Sunrise makes a very generous proposition to his father, and it looks like their lives will be smooth sailing from then on.

Not all is as it seems, however, and when tragedy is revealed to be betrayal, Egg must fight for his life against opponents who have every advantage over him. Unexpected allies and twists of fate all build up to a surprising, unusual, and very satisfying conclusion to this first tale that will leave young readers hungry for more.

Recommended by - Mike DiMuzio, Youth Librarian

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