We are happy to introduce new, ONLINE ACCESS to the Southgate Veteran’s Memorial book clubs! Come join the discussion without leaving the comfort of your home! For more details, see the official flyer!

The Southgate Veterans Memorial Library holds two book clubs each month. The Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Club meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm (except in January), while the General Interest Book Club meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm (except in December). Anyone is welcome to join us. Copies of the upcoming books for discussion are available at the front desk. You can print out the information on this page from this flyer.

General Interest Book Club

July 19th - Marley and Me

by John Grogan

Cover of ’Marley and Me’

John and Jenny, young and in love, get married and start out what should be a perfect life together. Then they decide to get a dog, and into their lives comes Marley, an adorable golden retriever puppy. Dogs grow up fast though, and it isn’t long before that puppy is a hundred pounds, barreling around the house. Destruction follows in his wake, and nothing is safe: the walls, the furniture, clothes, Marley can take it out. But despite the hassles and headaches, Marley is an integral part of the family, there during the hard times and the joyful ones. John and Jenny will learn that, come what may, there’s no love like the love of a dog.

September 20th - The Banks of Certain Rivers

by Jon Harrison

Cover of ’The Banks of Certain Rivers’

Coach Neil Kazenzakis is having a rough life. An accident left his wife seriously crippled, his mother-in-law suffers from dementia, and he’s forced to raise his 15 year old son alone. It’s no wonder that he’s finding comfort in the arms of another woman, Lauren, his mother-in-law’s caretaker. As precarious and difficult as things are, though, they can always get worse. He thinks nothing of breaking up a fight between two students one day…until the video surfaces, and makes it look like he assaulted a student. Now he risks losing everything he cares about: his job, his reputation, his family. He’ll have to prove his innocence if he wants to salvage anything, perhaps most importantly, the respect of his son.

August 16th - And Then There Were None

by Agatha Christie

Cover of ’And Then There Were None’

Ten strangers are invited to a private island, their host an eccentric millionaire. When they arrive, however, their host is nowhere to be found. The guests seem to have nothing in common…but they do share a past they would rather keep secret, that will ultimately seal their fate. Each has been marked for death, and by the end of the weekend, there may be no one left to blame

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club

August 2nd - The Long Earth

by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter

Cover of ’The Long Earth#8217;

In 2015, in Wisconsin, a man has created a strange device, oddly simple, little more than a few wires, a switch, and, for some arcane reason, a potato. Its potential is enormous, because with a simple flick of the switch, the wearer is transported one step in a seemingly endless series of alternate Earths. Worlds where Man never rose, untamed wildernesses to conquer. The inventor uploads instructions for creating these Stepper boxes to the Internet…and the fate of mankind is forever altered.

September 6th - Dragonflight

by Anne McCaffrey

Cover of ’Dragonflight#8217;

Lessa is a kitchen girl, unimportant and unnoticed. She has survived by serving the same men who betrayed her father and stole his lands. Someday, she will rise up and reclaim what is rightfully hers. All her plans and dreams change when she meets a dragon queen, forming a deep and unbreakable bond. That bond will be tested when the world is once again threatened by Thread, a terrible substance that falls like the rain and destroys anything it touches. There is almost no one left who can stand against this evil. Lyssa and her dragon will have to risk it all if anything is to be saved.

October 4th - Into the Storm

by Taylor Anderson

Cover of ’Into the Storm#8217;

The Uss Walker, a relic of the Great War, has been pressed into service in the Pacific theater of World War II. Forced to retreat and pursued by Japanese warships, the captain, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy, attempts to throw off his foes by steering into a looming storm. When they emerge, the Japanese are gone…as is everything else they recognize. The water is filled with monstrous fish, and dinosaurs roam the land. Reddy and his crew find themselves in a different world, where humans never evolved. Other creatures have, however, and the Walker finds itself embroiled in a strange new war. Their vintage ship is now the most powerful weapon in the world. Whoever they side with will win the war…

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