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Joe Grimm: Author of The Faygo Book

Poster that reads: 'The Southgate Veterans
Memorial Library presents The Faygo Book by Joe Grimm. Join us May 8th at 6:30 pm! 14680 Dix-Toledo Rd., Southgate The story of Faygo, Detroit’s beloved soda pop, begins over a hundred years ago with two Russian immigrant brothers, looking to get out of the baking business. Author Joe Grimm mixes the ingredients of a successful beverage company confected in dicey times in a boom-and-bust town. The Faygo Book is the story of a pop, a people, and a place. These stories and facts will tickle the taste buds and memories of Detroiters and Faygo lovers everywhere. The Faygo Book is a 2019 Michigan Notable Book. ' Includes image of the cover of The Faygo Book

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Food for Fines: March 20th - April 30th, 2019

Poster reads: 'Food for Fines
Help feed the hungry while paying your fines!
14680 Dix-Toledo
Southgate, MI 48195
(734) 258 - 3002
March 20th - April 30th'

The Southgate Veterans Memorial Library, along with many other local libraries, are partnering with the Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeast Michigan, to offer fine forgiveness! In exchange for nonperishable food donations, you will receive $1 off your fines, for each item donated. The campaign begins Wednesday, March 20th, and ends Tuesday, April 30th.


  • Fine forgiveness is only available for overdue fines; lost item fines must still be paid in full
  • Fine forgiveness is only available to Southgate residents, and only for items belonging to the Southgate Veterans Memorial Library. If you live in another city, contact your home library to see if they are participating in Food for Fines as well.
  • Please only donate nonperishable food items in good shape, which are not expired. A sheet of suggestions for items to donate, as well as items to avoid, is available at the library and can be downloaded here
  • Don’t have any fines? You can still participate! We’ll be happy to collect any food donations you would like to make!

If you have questions about the Food for Fines program, please contact the library at 734-258-3002

Information about the Gleaners Community Food Bank can be found on their website

Phone: 734-258-3002 - Address: 14680 Dix-Toledo Rd. Southgate, MI 48195

Hours - Mon-Thurs: 10am-9PM - Sat: 10am-5pm