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Changes to Fines and Checkout Policies

Our late fees and renewal policies have changed in the following ways:

  • Movies and CDs (DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS, JDVD, and JVHS) can now be renewed 1 time.
  • Fines for normal movies and CDs remain at $1/day, maximum fine $10.
  • Fines for Juvenile movies are halved, $0.50/day, maximum fine $5.
  • NEW CDs and Movies CANNOT be renewed.
  • Books and audiobooks, including Juvenile and Teen versions, can be renewed 2 times.
  • Fines for these items, other than youth materials, are now $0.20/day, maximum fine $5.
  • Fines for Juvenile and Teen books and audiobooks are halved, $0.10/day and $2.50 max.
  • New books and audiobooks for all ages can be renewed 1 time.
  • Video games may be renewed 1 times. The 2 item limit on video games remains in place
  • Fines for video games remain at $0.10/day, but the maximum fine is now $2.50

No other changes to our policies have taken place. Thank you.

Featured Events

Craft Stick Builders

A tower built from colorful craft sticks and clothespins.

Saturday, March 1tth, 2:30-3:30PM in the craft room

Kids ages 5 and up, and their families, are invited to build structures and complete engineering challenges using craft sticks, binder clips, and clothes pins. How many big books can your building hold up? How tall can you make your tower? How long can you make a bridge? Parents are encouraged to stay and help younger kids. See you there!

Phone: 734-258-3002 - Address: 14680 Dix-Toledo Rd. Southgate, MI 48195

Hours - Mon-Thurs: 10am-9PM - Sat: 10am-5pm