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Ragtime Jack

A Universe of Stories

Recently inducted into the Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, Ragtime Jack has been performing for more than 45 years. His repertoire covers the musical spectrum from Appalachia to Broadway, and from Vaudeville to New Orleans. Join us for an uplifting, engaging, and informative performance!

Space Food

Freeze dried astronaut ice cream

Would you like a snack on Saturn? Got the munchies on Mars? No one delivers pizza in space! Eating in space presents unique challenges for astronauts. Why? There is no gravity! Come learn how Astronauts live, work and eat in space!


2019 MAP Passes

An image shaped like a hot air balloon with flowers, a classic car, and a small airplane that reads 'Soar and Explore - Michigan Activity Pass

Beginning May 24th, the MAP (Michigan Activity Pass) program will once again be available to all Michigan residents!

Check out the MAP website for more details and start finding fun new adventures today!

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